It's a matter of trust. When it comes to IT security: trust no-one, completely

Cyber threats are a growing threat to a business - and its valuable reputation. But unknown attackers in far away lands are not the only network security weakness that your company has. There is a serious risk much closer to home in your 'friends' - your employees, your partners and your contractors. Insider threats - through careless mistakes or malicious activity - can steal your data and reveal your secrets quicker than you can imagine. A healthy dose of scepticism and some help from our technology friends, however, gives answers you will need.

Extra layers of IT security

When you accept a breach will happen, you have to then look at your second lines of defence. Every organisation, absolutely every one, has something held on its systems, devices or in documents which is valuable to someone else. This includes financial data, sensitive customer information, IP and private email conversations. Despite this intrinsic commercial value, the information is often carelessly protected, with flimsy passwords or lax controls. IT security is the responsibility of everyone in the business. But not everyone takes it as seriously as they should. Our partners, however, make up for human vulnerabilities and frailties - and provide another layer of protection from hackers and insider threats to mitigate the risk. Their easy-to-use software, such as managed user privileges and very clever digital document controls, means you always stay in control (even when your data is outside your network). It also helps you lock up your most valuable items from prying eyes, no matter how they got in.

Simple security layers, give you real control

Our extra layers of IT security are simple to install and easy to use, but are essential in fighting and frustrating the rogue insider or cyber intruder by minimising the impact and reducing the damage they can cause.

Even if they have the document, device or systems access, these simple little extras can mean your data remains protected. Taking these extra precautions makes your data difficult to wipe, reveal or steal. 

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