Put your protection where your problem is with Avatu e-m-s (enhanced email security packages)

Each and every organisation has something that someone, given half the chance, would like to steal. The threat can come from people in far away places and much closer to home. Data leaks are expensive and embarrassing. But when the adversaries are as clever and more resourceful as you - remember this is their day-job - you need to become wiser. By adopting the right mindset (centred on risk-based protection, not rudimentary firewalls and basic anti-virus software) you will protect your business more efficiently and effectively. You will take back control and fight on a battleground where you can win.

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Email security

Email security

Forward-thinking and risk-savvy organisations are starting to give extra focus to email security as it's the route most commonly used by hackers and thieves to get to their systems and sensitive data. Up to now, small and medium sized organisations have often thought 'they have it covered' with outsourcing or rudimentary inbuilt anti-virus software and firewalls. But the wake up call is that 90% of all data breaches STILL start with an email and 6 out of 10 medium-sized UK companies were breached in the last year. It's making people think again, and look for new technology protection such as the Avatu e-m-s (enhanced email security) range.

Digital forensics

Digital forensics

The cutting-edge digital forensic technologies developed by our partners are regularly used by corporate compliance and investigation teams, official bodies, legal firms and the law enforcement sector. This includes police forces, fraud investigation teams and local councils.

They can find evidence that can be used in court cases and tribunals. They manage caseloads and automate activity to help teams work more effectively and efficiently. And they can find pathways of cyber and unauthorised insider activity.

Specialist hardware and software solutions can interrogate a whole range of digital devices and systems - including computers, laptops, tablets, networks, cloud storage, smartphones and CCTV.

Some of the technologies are expert in e-discover too, and delve deep into the internet. They are the centre of the investigation and part of the recovery and future protection too.

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