Digital forensics used by corporate and public service investigators

Industry analysts believe up to 95% of companies may have had their systems breached through insider activity or cyber attack. Often, you don't know the defences are down until an attacker has had access for many weeks or even months. After a breach or during an investigation, our recommended digital forensic technologies - which are often used by law enforcement teams - help find the answers to 'who', 'why', 'how', 'what' and 'when'. They help discover what you're dealing with, find out who's responsible, help build a legal case, highlight weaknesses and prepare you to fight on.

Technology turn detective

The cutting-edge digital forensic technologies developed by our partners are regularly used by corporate compliance and investigation teams, official bodies, legal firms and the law enforcement sector. This includes police forces, fraud investigation teams and local councils.

They can find evidence that can be used in court cases and tribunals. They manage caseloads and automate activity to help teams work more effectively and efficiently. And they can find pathways of cyber and unauthorised insider activity.

Specialist hardware and software solutions can interrogate a whole range of digital devices and systems - including computers, laptops, tablets, networks, cloud storage, smartphones and CCTV.

Some of the technologies are expert in e-discover too, and delve deep into the internet. They are the centre of the investigation and part of the recovery and future protection too.

Our digital forensic technology partners are industry leaders

We work with many of the best-known names in digital forensics and some new up-and-coming technology developers to bring the best tools and technologies to corporate incident response teams and public service investigators.

Our partners include: OpenText (formerly Guidance) Nuix Oxygen Magnet, BlackBag Teel Technologies, Paraben and many more.

We also run a comprehensive range of training, run in partnership with our partners and other digital forensic investigation teams as part of the Avatu Academy. Find out more here.

Call us on 01296 621121 or email: to discuss your needs. To find out more you can also so our e-store at

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If you're looking to buy off-the-shelf forensic tools or equipment, click here for our digital forensics e-store, where you can order any time, day or night.

Why call us?

  • We have more than 20 years of experience helping companies find the right answers to their challenges

  • Many of our products are world-renowned and used by businesses and organisations across the world
  • This includes those employed by some of the world's largest enterprises, and investigators from the FBI and specialist hi-tech crime and cyber investigation units within the UK police
  • The technologies can be purchased as stand alone products or as part of a wider IT or cybersecurity investigation, remediation or recovery package
  • You can find more about our digital forensics partners and technologies here
  • Get in touch for advice or support
  • We can offer webinars, face-to-face demonstrations and no commitment quotes

Call us on 01296 621121 or email:  to discuss your challenges or to find out more.
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