Important things you need to know about Avatu e-m-s enhanced email security

Some important things you need to know about Avatu e-m-s

  • It significantly increase protection in the area where you face the most risk
  • There are varying levels of protection to suit your need, risk and budget
  • There’s no need for a specialist security or large IT team
  • It provides comprehensive protection for your business by protecting your data, systems and valuable reputation
  • It helps GDPR compliance
  • We’ve introduced transparent pricing so you know just where you stand
  • They cost less than you think
  • It’s created with smaller businesses in mind. You get best-in-breed protection - the protection employed by larger companies - but at a scale that suits your smaller business, and your smaller budgets
  • There are managed service options available so – if it suits you best – you need to do nothing other than monitor the reports

Contact us today on 01296 621121 or email to find out more. Or download the info sheet on the Avatu email security range (e-m-s)

Avatu E-m-s comes in a make sure you get exactly what you need

Every organisations works differently. And although the risk is still greatest for all through email borne attacks, organisations do need different levels of protection to suit their budget and the potential damage a data breach or ransomware attack can do.

Not every company needs, or wants, or can afford, the gold service. Not every company wants a managed service. So we've created Avatu e-m-s with a range of services to give you choice.

They are all, however, simple, easy-to-deploy, and will cost less than you think.

Find out more here or download our comparisons sheet to discover what is covered by each e-m-s package.

We developed e-m-s for ourselves. But now you can have it too.

We're a security company with a lot to lose and wanted the best possible protection in an area where we faced a lot of risk. But we're also a smaller company too, so cost was important to us.

Our in-house technology team have looked at many different options and cherry picked the very best to create special email security packages (our e-m-s range), which suit the business demands and the cost restraints of small and middle-sized organisations.

We thought, if it's good enough for us...

Compare our simple e-m-s (email security) packages and learn more about our managed service. Download our comparisons infosheet here.


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