Restore your systems and data after a breach, and find those responsible

When the worse happens, digital forensic technologies will be your best friends. They will rebuild you. They will help recover your systems, restore your data and put you back in control, as painlessly and quickly as possible. Digital forensic technologies can also play a part in finding out who came in, how they found your weak links and discover what they stole. We can help you work with experts in incident recovery, and plan for the future - so it never happens again.

Digital investigation and recovery tools

It's a sad truth. But some businesses never recover from a data breach. Research has shown that many SMEs take major hits after losing data or falling foul of regulators. Our expertise, however, will give you the very best chance of recovering as quickly as possible, with the least amount of pain. We'll link you with technologies that are used by investigators and recovery experts all round the world. They can closely examine your devices, system and data. And can, in some circumstances, even turn back the clock. Information that seems lost can be brought back to life. They can also find trails which lead to the people responsible for your attack.

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We can help you:

  • Assess your situation and find the best technology to help recover your systems and data as quickly and as easily as possible
  • Find out who was responsible for the breach and what was damaged or taken
  • Work with experts in incident response and recovery
  • Make sure your cyber security and IT and data protection is stronger, to reduce the impact of a future breach
  • Review some of the best digital forensic technologies on the market which have been adopted by businesses, organisations and investigators all round the world

The technologies we recommend are employed by some of the world's largest enterprises (call us and we can explain who they are and what they do). These organisations use the technologies as part of a layered approach to protect their systems and deal with data breaches caused by careless and malicious insider threats and cyber attacks.

The technologies can be used as stand alone products or as part of a wider IT or cybersecurity protection package. We can advise on how they fit with the other technologies you already use.

Call us today on 01296 621121 to find out more.

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