Add detection to your security approach and boost your infosecurity & reduce cyber risk

As recent news stories have shown, the cyber threat landscape is becoming increasingly severe, damaging and sophisticated. Today, the adversary is at least as resourceful and creative as the defender - and they've also got the benefit of secrecy and surprise on their side. The attacker always has the first move, making penetration of the perimeter inevitable. In days gone by, the cornerstone of data and IT security was preventative software. Today it's a whole lot more complicated. Traditional prevention is an important part of any cyber or IT security strategy. But it is only the beginning.

Realism is cyber prevention

Building the walls high, digging the moats deep and putting up 'do not enter' signs just isn't enough today to keep determined intruders out. People intent on getting in have developed tunnelling machines and super scaling ladders.They laugh in the face of do not enter. So you have to be extra wise. Prevention means a layered approach to info and cyber security. It mean prevention, detection and making sure you have a series of inbuilt procedures and simple to use technologies to protect your data inside and outside your organisation.

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We can help you:

  • Assess your current cyber prevention arrangements, and consider what else you need to do protect your business and reputation
  • Review some of the best technologies on the market which have been adopted by businesses and organisations all round the world
  • This includes those employed by some of the world's largest enterprises who use them to protect their systems and data from careless and malicious insider threats and cyber attacks
  • The technologies can be purchased as stand alone products or as part of a wider IT or cyber security protection package. We can advise on how they fit with the other technologies you already use

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