Put your protection where your problem is with our new e-m-s (email security) products

Email is an unavoidable business communication tool, used all the time by almost every business, including yours. But this also means it’s become the biggest vulnerability when it comes to data security.
A staggering 90% of all data breaches start with an email.
6 out of 10 of medium-sized businesses have experienced a data breach in the last year.

Our new email security (e-m-s) range helps you put protection where you really need it.

Email security: e-m-s significantly improves protection where you face the most risk

Almost every business relies on email but this means its the place where thieves and fraudsters put most of their effort too.

Without being properly prepared, businesses are vulnerable to attack. And although many think 'they have it covered' by outsourcing their IT or with firewalls and basic anti-virus software, many are still suffering data breaches and attacks that start with an email. But it's a confusing landscape and people don't know here to start. This, and a need to have our own extra protection, prompted us to develop own simple, easy-to-deploy and cost-effective range of enhanced email security (Avatu e-m-s) products to sort our problem and yours.

Introducing Avatu e-m-s

>> New simple, easy-to-deploy and cost-effective enhanced email security solutions

>> Developed with small and medium-sized organisations in mind

>> SIGNIFICANTLY increases protection in the area where you face the most risk

>> Costs less than dealing with the average smallest reported data breach

>> 4 different packages available to suit different needs, budget and risk

>> Discover more about our enhanced email security (e-m-s) range

and how it can work for you 




Or download the full info sheet for our simple, easy-to-deploy and cost-effective enhanced email security packages         (e-m-s) or contact us today on 01296 621121 or email cybersecurity@avatu.co.uk to find out more.

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