The best data protection strategy is based on preparing for a breach, not preventing one

When it comes to information security the wise approach is not built on hope, it's based on reality. When you rely mainly on anti-virus and firewalls to keep you safe, new risks can, and do, get through - to reek havoc, damage businesses, and destroy reputations and careers. The odds of keeping all cyber threats out of the network perimeter is vastly in favour of the hacker. The wise approach acknowledges the risks, mitigates them by focussing on detection and limiting the impact of a breach. Detection and mitigation means technology can be used most effectively. You can stay focussed on the problem, not distracted by the endless noise.

To stop today's advanced threats, first you have to detect them

A layered approach which includes advanced threat protection and APT detection means that threats are picked up before they can do deep and lasting damage. The technology means that the real threats aren't missed, or ignored, in the tsunami of false positives (as happened at Target, and cost the CEO his job). It means that breaches of the perimeter are caught in minutes, rather than months, which vastly reduces the damage they do. It's an investment in (and insurance for) your data, systems, reputation and careers.

If a cyber or insider threat gets through - and we know, many do - detection will save you time and money, and keep you out of the headlines.

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We can help you:

  • Assess your current cyber protection and security arrangements, and consider what else you need to do to fully protect your business and reputation from cyber and insider threats
  • Investigate a layered approach with includes advanced threat protection and APT detection
  • Make sure you focus on the right things by automating as much as possible, leaving you free to focus on the most dangerous threats and not the false positives or distracting noise
  • Review some of the best technologies on the market which have been adopted by businesses and organisations all round the world

The technologies we recommend are employed by some of the world's largest enterprises (call us and we can explain who they are and what they do). These organisations use the technologies as part of a layered approach to protect their systems and data from careless and malicious insider threats and cyber attacks.

The technologies can be used as stand alone products or as part of a wider IT or cyber security protection package. We can advise on how they fit with the other technologies you already use.

Call us today on 01296 621121 to find out more.

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