Semantics 21 - the new age in image and video reviewers for law enforcement

Powerful, intuitive - yet simple to use - image and video reviewers

Semantics 21 is the new force in image and video review, especially for law enforcement teams reviewing thousands upon thousands of indecent images of children.

A new partnership between us, at Avatu, and the Staffordshire based academics at Semantics 21 is helping police forces be at the cutting edge of technology used to tackle the massive proliferation of indecent images and videos on the internet and an ever-growing range of digital devices.

The collaboration is helping law enforcements teams to protect children by finding and convicting the people responsible for creating and sharing the damaging material.

The new tools - which draw upon AI and inbuilt advanced algorithms but are still simple to use - will simplify, streamline, modernise – and future proof - the review of the images and video.

Semantics 21 technologies include:


  • LASERi-m is a specialist software application aimed towards reducing the time it takes to review video multimedia such as CCTV, camera feeds and security recordings
  • LASERi-m hosts powerful features such as motion detection, sound detection, and streamlined reporting, in addition to the array of playback and controls features expected from a high-quality video player 


  • LASERi-v is a specialist software application aimed towards reducing the time it takes to review, analyse, label and report upon video multimedia 


  • LASERi-p is a specialist software application aimed towards reducing the time it takes to filter, review, analyse, label and report upon images and animations
  • This is the Semantic 21 (and possibly ‘the most’) powerful digital forensic image investigation application, using custom-built, state-of-the-art algorithms for semantic digital analysis

All Semantics 21 innovative software packages are:

  • Intuitive, simple to use and yet powerful
  • Based on innovative, integrating state-of-the-art research
  • Designed to reduce complexity and streamline workflows
  • Designed to decrease workloads, speeding up investigations, saving time and money

Want to know more about any of these technologies?

More information about these technologies is available in our resources section.

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