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Today, in our closely interconnected world, it's impossible for any organisation to work alone. Businesses simply can't do business without sharing information with clients, employees, partners or suppliers. Businesses have to share a lot, from competitive tender quotes to CEO salaries and the sales team's best targets.

Seclore Filesecure technologies

The further we reach, the more vulnerable our information becomes. Every share increases the risk that sensitive data and trade secrets will end up in the wrong hands...the hands of the data thief, the competitor, or the maverick employee.

This is a world that hasn't yet harnessed the power of Seclore Filesecure.

Why make your documents Seclore?

  • Seclore Filesecure takes command by putting you in control of your files and data, no matter where they are or where they go
  • The system allows your organisations to decide who can view, edit, save, share (or even screen-grab) your files
  • Following this, it allows you to audit what's been done
  • You can control the length of time, as well as what device can be used to access a document
  • Even better, you can remotely revoke access to a document (wherever it resides) at any time with a single click.

The controls you put on the document will stay with the file wherever it goes, inside and outside your organisation. Only the people you allow to see your information will be allowed to see it.

Who uses Seclore?

Seclore Filesecure is used by forward-thinking companies in insurance, banking and financial services to protect customer information shared with outsourcers. It's employed by pharmaceutical firms to protect clinical trial data. It's also been adopted by leaders in manufacturing and in creative industries to protect intellectual property.

The technologies developed by Seclore have created a new, 21st century approach to keeping your secrets, information and data out of the hands of people who can do you harm.

Whereas traditional IT security protects the infrastructure, Seclore Filesecure protects the information without the user needing to take any special steps.

Seclore Filesecure gives you the freedom to collaborate in confidence and know your information is safe.

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In our resources section there's further information and in-depth analysis to help you understand more about Seclore, its products and why it's essential to businesses who are serious about keeping their data safe.

Information includes:

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