Purplephish - Fighting phishing with a powerful and potent mix of simulated real-world phishing attack and timely, monthly online security awareness training

The Purplephish approach makes your people your important first line of defence against security breaches

But with Purplephish you don’t just train and educate your employees, you also test their reactions and understanding - when they’re least expecting it.

And you do it again next month, and the month after that, and the month after that… so that security is in their consciousness day-in, day-out.

If they digest the training and spot the simulations, they’ll have a much better chance of spotting - and stopping - the real thing.

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In our resources section, there is more in-depth analysis and information to help you understand more about Purplephish.

This includes:

Product datasheet

Cyber attacks have been named as one of the biggest threats to the world in 2018. Governing bodies and industry leaders strongly recommend that businesses invest in tools that increase security awareness and influence behaviour through computer-based training.

Take an in-depth look at how PurplePhish's automated phishing simulations and user awareness training can help mitigate the risk of cyber attack.

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Research whitepaper

Dr. Daniel G. Dresner, Academic Coordinator for Cyber Security at the University of Manchester and Director and Co-founder of The IASME Consortium, discusses the importance of effective end-user training in combating cyber attacks.

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