ObserveIT - identify and eliminate insider threats

Insider threats are a big issue for all organisations - and a very tricky problem to solve. But some have already found light at the end of the tunnel. This includes Coca Cola, AIG and Xerox who are protecting their organisations against the risks caused by their own people with ObserveIT.

ObserveIT technologies

ObserveIT allows organisations to precisely identify and proactively protect against malicious and negligent behaviour of everyday users, privileged users and remote vendors. We significantly reduce security incidents by changing user behaviour through real-time education coupled with full-screen video capture of security policy violations. This greatly reduces investigation time from days sifting through logs to minutes of playing back video.

How ObserveIT works

ObserveIT is a lightweight endpoint solution that is focused on identifying and eliminating insider threats.

By continuously monitoring user behaviour, ObserveIT alerts IT and security teams about activities that put your organisation at risk. When someone does something that is outside your policy, on-screen notifications educate them with alternatives that are secure and compliant with company policy and industry standards. With full video capture and playback of any policy violation, ObserveIT reduces end-to-end investigation time from hours to minutes. No sifting through logs. No combing through data.

ObserveIT insider threat management

There is not doubt that the biggest security problem out there today is people. Whether it's intentional or unintentional, every insider on the network, from business users and privileged users to vendors and contractors, presents a threat. ObserveIT identifies and eliminates insider threats with real-time security awareness, precise visibility and fast investigations.

Real-time security awareness

ObserveIT's on-screen pop-up notifications warn end-users about actions that expose your organisation to risk, while educating them with alternatives that are secure and compliant with company policy. Whether a user is accessing a file they shouldn't, copying data to a USB drive, downloading programs, or performing other activities that invite fraud and theft, they will be immediately informed of the policy violation and given an approved alternative.

Precise visibility

ObserveIT captures and indexes where users are going and what they are doing so nothing slips through the cracks. The riskiest behaviour is displayed and prioritised based on the amount of risk exposure to the organisation. IT and security teams will see who did what and have irrefutable video evidence of out-of-policy actions.

Fast investigations

With ObserveIT, IT and security administrators can rapidly investigate and determine intent within seconds, removing the aruduous task of sifting through system event logs and machine data. Google-like search capabilities make it possible to find suspicious activity and view incidents with dynamic video recording and DVR-like playback. A picture is worth a thousand logs.


ObserveIT can help satisfy compliance requirements for PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and NISPOM. With detailed logs and visual recordings of all user activity, ObserveIT exceeds the strictest interpretation of compliance requirements with conclusive evidence for auditors. Audit reports can be completed in a fraction of the time, with the ability to instantly search, analyse, and view the actual video-like playback of the pinpointed session. Ultimately every compliance violation can be traced back to the specific actions of an employee, privileged user, contractor, or remote vendor.

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In our resources section, we have extra information, intelligence and insight to help you understand more about ObserveIT, the current insider threat landscape and ObserveIT's unique solution.

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