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Finding evidence and critical information hidden deep in computer drives, scattered around email accounts, mobile devices or the internet can be difficult and extremely time-consuming. However, it doesn't have to be this way. Nuix’s powerful and precise digital investigation and information management software enables you to take control of big unstructured data.

Nuix's 'secret sauce', makes it possible to index and search the largest volumes of unstructured data with unmatched speed and forensic rigor. Nuix also has a deep built-in understanding of complex file and storage types that other tools can’t match.

Nuix is used globally by leading corporates for data breach, corporate fraud and employee misconduct investigations. It’s also used by law enforcement agencies to swiftly find corroborating or incriminating evidence.

Nuix can also reduce delays in data migration, helping companies move to cloud storage, archive files or just clear out the junk.

Phone our security team on 01296 621121 if you need to search, understand, govern or move your data.

Nuix technologies

Companies and organisations that draw on the power of Nuix products include law firms, litigation support vendors, government bodies, regulators and law enforcement agencies. 

Corporates across the world use Nuix to carry out internal investigations, compliance work and to fully understand risk issues or migrate information.

Nuix also enables you to save costs by reducing storage space needed by allowing information to be reorganised or defensibly deleted.

The main Nuix technologies we use include:


For cybersecurity, information governance, data protection (GDPR)

  • Nuix Sensitive Data Finder


For eDiscovery

  • Nuix Director
  • Nuix eDiscovery Workstation
  • Nuix eDiscovery Reviewer
  • Nuix Collection
  • Nuix Legal Hold
  • Nuix Contract Discovery
  • Nuix Legal Hold


For investigations

  • Nuix Investigator Lab
  • Nuix Investigator Workstation
  • Nuix Investigator Reviewer


For philanthropic activity

  • Proof Finder

Find out more - download Nuix resources now

In our resources section, we have extra information, intelligence and insight to help you understand more about Nuix, the current infosecurity landscape and Nuix's unique solutions.

Documents available include:

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