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Magnet Forensics is a global leader in digital investigative technology and is built on a foundation of helping and empowerment. The technology helps investigative teams find more evidence and empowers them to uncover the truth

Magnet - digital forensic organisation of the year 2017

The products produced by Magnet are designed to utilise the latest technological innovations to help law enforcement, consultants, military, and private enterprise deal with digital forensic challenges. The products use AI, automation, advanced searching techniques, modern data visualisation - and more - to help investigative teams find digital evidence and understand the story it is telling.  

The solutions have been used in cases ranging from child exploitation, counter terrorism (including the Boston Marathon bombing), violent crimes, employee investigations, incident response, and other crimes and investigations.

Magnet technologies

Magnet AXIOM

One of the most comprehensive, integrated digital investigation platforms on the market

Investigators need to recover evidence from a wide range of sources and analyse all digital evidence in one case file to ensure that no correlations are missed. Magnet AXIOM provides that platform AND deep analysis with enhanced data views and detailed keyword searches from artifacts and file systems. Magnet AXIOM offers a full suite of examination tools. It speeds up image acquisition and processing and has powerful analysis tools for filtering and visualising data quickly and intelligently.

Magnet IEF

One of the best-known names in forensic circles

Magnet IEF is well-known - and well-respected - by forensic teams. It's used by thousands of forensics professionals around the world to find, analyse and report on the digital evidence from computers, smartphones and tablets. It's essential to uncovering more digital evidence, reaching the relevent issues quicker and easily sharing findings.

Magnet IEF is designed to work with other popular computer forensics tools such as Guidance EnCase, FTK, Nuix or X-ways and popular mobile forensics tools such as Cellebrite’s UFED OR Oxygen Forensics.

Use IEF in combination with these tools to find more digital evidence.

For a more comprehensive tool, you may need Magnet AXIOM. Ask us if you'd like to know more.


The power of one acquisition tool for smartphones and computers

Magnet ACQUIRE is a software solution that enables digital forensic examiners to quickly and easily acquire forensic images of any iOS or Android device, hard drives, and removable media. This powerful acquisition product is available at no cost to the forensic community.

Magnet ACQUIRE smartphone support includes: iOS and Android. 

Magnet ACQUIRE PC support includes: Windows, Linux, and OS X.


Web preview the simple way

Magnet FRONTLINE is designed for non-technical personnel in law enforcement, customs and border security, and parole and probation roles looking to conduct an on-scene search and preview of the Internet activity on a subject’s computer to qualify it for seizure.

With this technology, non-forensic staff are able to assist with the identification of potential sources of digital forensics evidence in situations where digital forensic staff are not present.

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