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Email is an essential business tool but it's also one of the most vulnerable. Cyber criminals are using email attachments to make direct hits, as a weapon of war. 74% of all successful malware and ransomware attacks find their way on to IT systems and to sensitive data through email attachments.

Firewalls and anti-virus software often let threats through, mainly because the software is not up-to-date or they've never seen the threat before.

Glasswall, however, makes up for these failings by stripping away all the risky parts of an attachment but without changing the content. It's an essential for everyone doing business in the 21st century.

Glasswall technologies

Traditional methods of cyber security are failing businesses

It is a stark reality that successful attacks consistently use what should be a trusted business tool; the very documents and files used by employees, partners and across the entire supply chain.

Faced with this challenge, organisations must ask themselves: “What are we going to do differently?”

This is why Glasswall exists.

Rather than reacting to threats as they happen, Glasswall’s patented technology turns traditional approaches on their head to ensure absolute file and document assurance, security and integrity by establishing the 'known good'.

What is the 'known good'?

The 'known good' ensures no security threat can ever enter your business by empowering you to establish best practice control over all files and documents coming into and out of the organisation.

Glasswall’s pioneering, innovative and disruptive technology helps you to apply your own standards to every file that comes in and out of your business.

This is achieved by:

  • Breaking down all documents to their component parts before entering your business
  • Fixing deviations in real-time to eliminate threats – only 'benign by design' will make it through
  • Regenerating a new, safe file that meets your definition of 'known good'

As no file will enter your business if it does not meet these standards, hackers are blocked before they get through the door – even those using zero-day malware and exploits.

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