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New to Avatu - Clever SPEKTOR kit that reduces forensic lab time now available to more people

- Friday, February 27, 2015

Avatu, the one-stop solution for cyber protection, IT security and digital forensics, has signed a new deal that will bring powerful, cost-saving digital forensic equipment to more people.

The new arrangement with Evidence Talks, one of the UK’s leading authorities on forensic computing, will make SPEKTOR technology available to more police forces, military, government and commercial customers.

SPEKTOR Forensic Triage is one the most comprehensive digital forensic triage tools on the market.

The award-winning equipment makes it possible for non-specialists to - safely, quickly and forensically - review the contents of computers, removable media and mobile phones, reducing the need to find, and pay for, extra lab time.

Avatu managing director, Joe Jouhal, said: “SPEKTOR technology is not only crucial to investigations, it also saves time and money. And in a climate where computer forensic investigations workloads are growing wildly, and budgets reducing rapidly, it’s an essential investment.

“We’ll be telling all our clients about it and we’re delighted that this new arrangement with Evidence Talks means that it will be available to more people.”

Elizabeth Sheldon, commercial director with Evidence Talk said: “Evidence Talks enjoys a long serving and trusted relationship with key law enforcement and military clients, both in the UK and overseas.

“Our core development values of Intelligence Integrity and Innovation, in conjunction with the positive engagement and support of our clients, ensures that we are able to continue to develop a range of effective and intuitive user centric solutions.

“Evidence Talks is proud to working with and supporting Avatu in offering our products to its clients,” added Elizabeth.

SPEKTOR Forensic Triage identifies, categories, extracts and allows the user to quickly review everything from pictures and movies to chat and email, without the user needing any technical knowledge.

Powerful keyword searching and hash matching features can highlight material of interest in seconds. And the analysis is fully automatic and fast.

It's the answer to many an investigator (and budget owner's) dreams because it finds essential evidence but also lowers costs and improves efficiency.

Avatu, which was formerly Data Duplication, is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialist tools for digital forensic investigations and experts in cyber and IT security technologies.

Avatu offers a suite of solutions to investigators and organisations because no one product provides all the answers.

For more information see or see the Avatu group on LinkedIn or @AvatuLtd on Twitter or call the digital forensics team on 01296 621121.

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