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Latest news update for cybersecurity, infosec and digital forensics - 16 June 2015

Marie Spanswick - Monday, June 15, 2015

A selection of news and information to help you stay up-to-date, challenge your thinking and make informed decisions.

  • InfoSecurity - Survey: 75 percent of companies have significant risk exposure. Read more...
  • DigitalForensics - Guidance Software EnCase® Wins 2015 SC Awards Europe for Best Computer Forensics Solution. Read more...
  • InfoSecurity - Sector-specific guidelines to be issued by UK government for reportable security breaches. Read more...
  • DigitalForensic - Police Scotland invests £1.5 million in cyber-crime hub. Read more...
  • CyberSecurity - 96% of C-Level execs vulnerable to phishing attacks. Read more...
  • CyberSecurity - Your car is a cyber security risk, Kaspersky warns. Read more...
  • CyberSecurity - Are hackers using your trust relationships against you? Register for Nuix #webinar 9 July @ 5pm BST here.
  • InfoSecurity - Security software company, Avecto, is named one of the best tech companies to work for. Read more...
  • JobVacancy - work at Avecto - Enterprise Sales Manager - Find out more
  • JobVacancy - work at Avecto - Senior Sales Engineer - Find out more
  • JobVacancy - work at Aveco - Performance Tester - Find out more
  • JobVacancy - work at Avecto - Software Research Engineer - Find out more
  • JobVacancy - work at Avecto - Customer Success Manager - Find out more

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