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Data Duplication becomes Avatu

Marie Spanswick - Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Over the last year we've been changing – and today we will take our next step in our evolution. More things will change, including our name.

Our new leadership team

Since last April, we’ve had a new managing director in Joe Jouhal, who has enormous experience in the IT world, having worked in both Europe and the US for many years.

Joe has brought new ideas and perspective to the way we work.

He’s now responsible for the day-to-day running of the business and has been carrying out a strategic review.

Bob Kelly, who started Data Duplication, is still very much part of what we do and his main role is sourcing new products to meet our customers’ evolving challenges.

Other things that are changing;

  • Our name – from today we’ll change from Data Duplication to become Avatu. We will change our bank account, our invoices, our email addresses and everything else.
  • Our look – we’ve a new, fresh and modern look to match our new name. This includes new branding and web site.
  • Our products and direction – for some years now we’ve been the UK’s leading supplier of specialist tools for digital forensic investigations - and we intend to retain that position - but now we’re also extending our expertise to cover cyber and IT security technologies too.

Our experience and unique viewpoint has shown there’s no one product that can help a modern company keep all its data and IT systems safe and secure – but there is a big need. So we’ve used our extensive knowledge and expertise to uncover the whole solution and provide it all, in one place.

It's a simple concept but it’s new and it’s radical.

The things that won't change

  • Our attitude and commitment – we’ll be as determined as we’ve always been to find the right answers to our customers’ challenges. In fact, because of our extended range, we’ll have more of the answers than before.
  • Our expertise – we’ll still be the first people to call for forensic tools and investigation advice, but now we’ll also provide answers for cyber and IT/network security issues too.
  • Our people – we have brilliant people working for us who are experts in their field. They will still be only a phone call away.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll announce more about our developments, especially the new products that will help our customers’ work.

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