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How safe are your crown jewels? - an essential event for senior professionals

Marie Spanswick - Tuesday, September 08, 2015

How safe are your crown jewels?

Find out more at our special one-day seminar for leaders and senior professionals

Organisations hold an abundance of sensitive information which is essential to their business. But this information is like dynamite. It can be explosive in the wrong hands.

If business information - from IP to private emails - gets leaked (through internet hackers or rogue or careless insiders) it can bring down chief officers and millions of pounds to put right. 

Companies, and their leaders, however, don’t always fully understand or appreciate the risk, and how they can proactively, and successfully, mitigate it...with the right mindset - a mindset that protects the organisation's most valuable information, its proverbial crown jewels.

This free seminar for senior personnel will: 

  • Explore the risks from cyber and insider threats
  • Discuss some of the proactive solutions to put you back on the front foot, and protect your business - and your career
  • Hear from chiefs from well-known companies on how they protect their most valuable information, and the lessons they have learnt

This seminar will give you the insight to protect yourself, and your organisation

Event essentials
Date:  22 October 2015 
Venue: Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London

Suitable for: People in senior positions, particularly those in a strategic role, such as MDs, CEOs, CIOs, CSOs, CISOs, CTOs, IT Directors etc
Also suitable for: Senior people with direct responsibility for information security, information governance, IT or network security, cyber security or risk management 

Joining fee: Free to Avatu customers, New Statesman readers and invited guests

What to do now?

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Or email us on or phone 01296 621121 if you'd like to know more.

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