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​Avatu and Tracks Inspector sign new partnership to help police forces tackle forensic backlog

Marie Spanswick - Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Avatu and Tracks Inspector new partnership to help police forces tackle forensic backlog

A new partnership between one of the UK’s best-known names in digital forensics and a transformative technology will help police forces tackle the backlog of digital forensic evidence requests - in a sustainable way.

Avatu, who work with all the police forces in the country, will be offering demos of the Tracks Inspector early case assessment technology to all its new and existing customers.

Tracks Inspector is already used by police forces in the UK, including Nottinghamshire Police, and by police teams in other parts of the world, including Belgium, the Netherlands and South Africa.

It provides non-technical investigators with insight into the digital forensic evidence – from mobile phone call logs to CCTV footage - on their cases. It allows frontline staff to search and analyse digital evidence connected to everyday crimes, without having to burden specialist forensic units or external labs.

Tracks Inspector will help forces to tackle the backlog of requests, leaving the specialist teams with only the most serious or complicated of cases.


The most recent report into the performance of the UK’s police forces by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary said ‘digital forensic capability and capacity is not keeping up with demand’.

The HMIC said although police forces had taken steps to shorten the time needed to examine devices for evidence, some 16,000 devices were still waiting to be examined.

It also said some of the ways that forces had cut the waiting list, such as using overtime, are not sustainable.

Avatu is delighted to have Tracks Inspector as a new partner especially because so many of its clients are in dire need of it.

“The technology could revolutionise the way our clients do their day-to-day work. Some are almost at breaking point because of their workload,” said Joe Jouhal, CEO with Avatu.

“Today, almost all investigations have a digital element to them and without essential tools, such as Tracks Inspector, investigators end up either missing vital evidence or central services become overwhelmed,” he said.

Hans Henseler, managing director and co-founder of Tracks Inspector, with 25 years of academic and commercial experience in digital forensics and e-discovery, explained the vision behind Tracks Inspector and why it helps: “The process around the examination of digital devices needs to be industrialised. So we have built Tracks Inspector as an enterprise solution which moves software applications on forensic workstations in the lab to enterprise solutions on servers in the datacentre.

“User can now access digital evidence using an intuitive web-based interface via standard office and mobile equipment.

“The datacentre can scale the number of users, storage capacity and processing speed to whatever is needed.

“By design, the system enables process automation and quality control, reduces IT complexity, increases agility and integrates with other (enterprise) processes including case management and domain authentication.”

Avatu will be offering demos of the Tracks Inspector technology to all police forces and other investigators throughout the UK.

Find out more by phoning 01296 621121 or emailing:

Or see the product info on our Avatu Forensic Store.


Tracks Inspector is designed to:

  • Help investigators to review seized digital information from the earliest stages of a case
  • Complement lab based solutions such as EnCase and Nuix
  • Relieve the pressure on digital forensics labs and central specialist teams by cutting caseloads that land on their desks
  • Pass on evidence that does need specialist investigations to the labs and central teams
  • Allow law enforcement agencies to solve more cases faster 


  • Keeps things simple. Allows investigations involving digital evidence to move on while preserving chain of custody
  • Less reliance on digital forensics experts to build and prosecute cases
  • Gives investigators the capabilities to search, tag, analyse, link and report on digital evidence
  • Allows easy collaboration among investigative teams across a variety of locations and agencies
  • A cost-effective solution that links several locations and agencies
  • A centralised ‘digital evidence vault’ across locations and agencies
  • Scalability to grow any - and all - system components merely by adding servers 

Find out more by phoning 01296 621121 or emailing:

See more product info on our Avatu Forensic Store.


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