Are you prepared, really prepared, for a cyber security attack?

"They came in the house, stole everything, then burned down the house. They destroyed servers, computers, wiped them clean of all the data and took all the data." Michael Lyndon, chief executive, Sony Entertainment

Cyber attacks can cause utter devastation. But despite knowing there's a real danger, and even after increasing the budget spend, many firms are still ill-prepared to deal with them. Outmoded cybersecurity strategies - which a focus on protection, rather detection - means they just can't win. Our approach is different, however.

New cybersecurity mindset

Today, cybersecurity needs a new mindset. You probably won't endure a cyber attack a minute, as some UK organisations do. But virtually every company or organisation has something of value and there's nothing to stop you entering the hackers' firing line.

Our recommended cybersecurity mindset accepts a perimeter breach will happen. In fact, it accepts it may already be done. On average, a company finds out they've had a data breach some 170 days after it's happened


Clever technology, simple approach

Our approach takes the pressure off prevention and focuses on detection, protection and remediation instead (and tracking down who's responsible, and stopping it happening again.

Don't get us wrong. We're not saying people should give up on prevention all together. It's still an important part of any layered cybersecurity strategy, as recommended by the government cyber advisors GCHQ. But for our clients, it's no longer the most important part.

  • We use advanced cybersecurity technology to detect the threats that no-one yet knows exist and, consequently, get through the prevention layers
  • We use advanced detection threats to automate vast parts of activity current done by teams of people possible
  • We monitor for behaviours and patterns and reduce the number of suspect events that need to be reviewed by the expert human mind
  • We do more to protect the valuable things inside your perimeter to make them harder to corrupt or steal
  • We minimise the damage done by the criminals and thieves by catching the threats in minutes, not leaving them to run riot for months
  • We have a range of digital forensic tools which can track those responsible and do everything possible to stop it happening again

This is the Avatu mindset in operation. And it's the future for safer cybersecurity.


How to achieve safer cyber security in 2019

2018 was a watershed for cyber security

 Last year, they came, they saw, they conquered. It's even been nicknamed 'The Year of the Hack'

  • According to a security report by PwC, the number of information security incidents rose by 48 per cent to 42.8m, the equivalent of 117,339 attacks a day
  • The cyber criminal is becoming more determined and sophisticated. And with volumes like this, we cannot hope to stop every single one. In fact, we know - and Sony, JP Morgan, Vodafone and Bloomsburg can testify - we don't stop every one
  • Last year, enterprises spent billions on firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. But despite this significant spending, many organisations - both public and private - still fell victim to successful cyber attacks causing significant financial and reputational damage
  • An annual cybersecurity study by HP Partners with Ponemon revealed that the average cost of cyber crime escalated by 96% to $12.7 million (£8.5m) per organisation
  • Smaller businesses are coming more in the firing line - the Federation of Small Businesses estimates its members lose around £785 million a year alone 
  • The UK charity British Pregnancy Advice Service was fined £200,000 for losing sensitive data through its website

2019 is the start of your cybersecurity fight back

To successfully fight back you should :

  • Accept everyone has something of value that a hacker could steal - even if it's only potentially embarrassing emails between executives or payroll information revealing inconsistencies been male and female salaries
  • Accept if a company continue to keep prevention as the cornerstone of their cyber strategy something will get through
  • Accept a breach may already have happened - you just may not know about it yet
  • Actively look for a breach, and then deal with it
  • Prepare for what happens when a breach happens again in the future (the odds say it will - the hackers aren't going away and the bombardment will continue)
  • Adopt technologies which instead on focussing on prevention reduce the time that a cyber threat has on your system down from months to hours
  • Use extra layers of technology and IT security - such as sophisticated rights management systems - to make sure if they get in (using an cyber or insider route), it's difficult to steal your most valuable items
  • Have plans and use technologies to find out who is responsible for any breach
  • Call us on 01296 621121 or email us on to find out how we can help

Why call us?

  • The technologies we recommend are some of the best on the market and have been adopted by businesses and organisations all round the world
  • This includes those employed by some of the world's largest enterprises who use them to protect their systems and data from cyber and insider threats
  • The technologies can be purchased as stand alone products or as part of a wider IT or cybersecurity protection package. We can advise on how they fit with the other things you already use
  • You can find more about our cyber security partners and technologies here
  • Get in touch for advice or support
  • We can offer webinars, face-to-face demonstrations and no commitment quotes
  • Call us on 01296 621121or email: to talk through your challenges or to find out more
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