Chip-Off 2.0 Forensics with Certification with Teel Technologies

21-25 October 19, 9am to 5pm - Avatu Academy, Princes Risborough, nr Aylesbury, Bucks


This course covers in-depth information about eMMC, eMCP, and UFS chips

It will explore:

  • Newest BGA chip pinout layouts
  • Applying proper techniques for non-heat chip removal
  • Pros and cons of physical manipulation caused by heat or friction removal techniques
  • Updated heat removal processes
  • Introduction to monolithic devices and data recovery techniques
  • New tools and techniques for chip-off extraction
  • The TeelTech Chip-off Forensics Certification 'TCFC' and a chance to earn it for yourself

Chip-off will support the following:

  • Damaged or destroyed devices
  • Devices unsupported by commercial tools
  • Unsupported advanced data extraction methods

For cold chip off courses see here.

Course Options

The course will be held at the Avatu Academy near Aylesbury, Bucks. And is only available to people working in law enforcement or people who provide services to law enforcement organisations.

Contact us on 01296 621121 for more information.

For cold chip off courses see here.


Chip-Off will support the following:

  • Damaged or destroyed devices
  • Devices unsupported by commercial tools
  • Unsupported advanced data extraction methods

Students receive with training:

  • E-Mate Pro eMMC Tool
  • Medusa Pro Box

Course Outline

This training provides students with a full perspective of the Chip-off process as it relates to Advanced Mobile Forensics techniques. This new version 2.0 training will explore new techniques including handling new types of flash memory.

Students will have in-depth presentations to take home as well as clear concise videos of the process taught.


Day 1 – Hands-on practicals for heat removal/cleaning/tinning of chips

Chip-off intro
  • When should you consider the chip-off process
  • Mobile device force acquisition continuum
  • Supported devices
  • Overview of real cases
  • What you may encounter in chip-off dumps
Chip-off heat process
  • Disassembly of the cell phone and considerations
  • References and training for cell phone disassembly
  • Heat/non-heat shield removal
  • Removing chip upper and lower heat source and chip T862
  • When to/not to use these heat chip removal/cleaning processes
  • Preparing the chip for tinning or 2 stage reballing
  • Tinning BGA chips
  • Review videos of each process

Day 5 – Hands-on practicals for all processes taught in class

Dediprog UFS programmer
  • A look at UFS chips
  • Understanding BGA95/BGA153 differences
  • Overview of hardware and adapters
  • Installing the software
  • LUN’s and other partitions in UFS style chips
  • Looking at and reading LUN’s and RPMB partitions
  • Parsing out recovered data

Certification process

  • Test phone provided to use any process from class
  • Must provide instructor with bin dump and decoded data
  • Successful students receive Teel Tech Chip-off 2.0 Certification

Download full terms and conditions here.

Lead Trainer

Course Essentials

21-25 October 19, 9am to 5pm

Avatu Academy, Princes Risborough, nr Aylesbury, Bucks

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Contact us for more information - fees change with exchange rates


Email us on or phone 01296 621121 to find out more.

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