Paraben Mobile Fast Track 2.0

more dates tbc, 8am to 5pm - Avatu Academy


Paraben’s Mobile Fast Track course focuses on what’s needed to be successful when dealing with smartphones in your investigations.

It goes through acquisition and analysis of all types of smartphones and includes legacy devices, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices.
Your will review how these devices work and are structured as well as how to acquire and find the evidence on this intensive 3-day course.
After the course is complete students are offered an examination to become a DS Certified Smartphone Examiner. The process to complete this certification is all done within the course.
Students must:
• Complete all three days of the course
• Complete labs from course
• Complete comprehensive course examination and gain at least a 80% pass mark

 At the completion of the course students will: 

1. Acquire a variety of smartphone devices
2. Learn how to process and create SIM Card Clones
3. Walk through mobile device file systems and identify data
4. Acquire iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPod devices
5. Acquire Android devices
6. Acquire BlackBerry devices
7. Complete comprehensive data analysis on data associated with the above devices as well as a large variety of other devices

8. Practice proper analysis techniques for data associated with popular apps

Course Options


Day one

Review of DS & mobile forensics

  • Legacy smart devices
  • WebOS Acquisition
  • Microsoft Mobile Devices 
  • Windows Mobile 7.x
  • Windows Mobile 8.x
  • RIM BlackBerry
  • BlackBerry Security
  • BlackBerry Backups
  • BlackBerry 10 
Day two
  • Google Android 
  • Android Security
  • Developer Mode
  • Rooting & Bootloaders
  • Android Logical
  • Android Physical
  • Data Analysis
  • App Data
  • Media Cards
  • Malware and Spywareration 

Day three

  • Apple iOS
  • iOS Device Types
  • iOS Backups
  • Jailbroken Devices
  • iOS Logical Acquisition
  • iOS Physical Acquisition
  • Data Analysis
  • App Data
  • iPod Devices
  • Malware & Spyware
  • Course Examination

Download full terms and conditions here.

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more dates tbc, 8am to 5pm

Avatu Academy

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Email us on or phone 01296 621121 to find out more.

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