Griffeye Analyze DI Core training - 2 day

15-16 November 2017, 9am-5pm - Avatu Academy


This 2-day Analyze DI in-class training course, has been developed to provide attendees with:

  • Detailed instructions on the features and functions of Analyze DI
  • How to use the Analyze DI functions to reduce workload, achieve better results, and solve more cases in less time
  • The attendees of this course will gain superior skills at investigating digital media and learn how to fully utilise and integrate the feature-rich and powerful Analyze tool in their workflow

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This course will cover:
  • The installation and configuration of Analyze DI
  • Best practice on integration into existing workflows and environments
  • Processing data and creating cases
  • Managing hash databases
  • Learning the various views and concepts of the user interface, such as active thumbnails to quickly review data
  • Search, sort, and filter through large amounts of visual and textual data
  • Using the apps available in Analyze Forensic Market, such as Analyze Relations and Camera Forensics
  • Classification and annotation of data using a set of attributes in a concept known as Intelligence
  • Visual identification through robust hashing technologies, such as Microsoft PhotoDNA
  • Using open standards for sharing intelligence with other tools or entities
  • Report management for output to colleagues and judicial system

Lead Trainer

Course Essentials

15-16 November 2017, 9am-5pm

Avatu Academy

Suitable For:

The course is designed for investigators and forensic examiners within law enforcement, defence, and the private sector.

New, as well as current Analyze DI users, will benefit from the course.

New users will gain a proficient understanding of features and functions, and existing users will develop a deeper understanding of the tool, both groups learning how to maximise the potential of Analyze DI.

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Email us on or phone 01296 621121 to find out more.

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