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The clock is ticking...are you ready for GDPR?

Marie Spanswick - Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The General Data Protection Regulation is changing the way organisations – both large and small - need to look after information. And there's now less than a year to get it right.

When the GDPR rules were added to British law and the UK was given two years to get prepared before penalties began, some organisations realised the dawn of a new era had arrived. It was time to get serious about looking after their own business information and their customers’ personal data.

Others thought: (a) GDPR didn’t concern them, (b) the EU regulation could be repealed before it became actively enforced, or at least soon afterwards, or (c) they’d sort it out later.

Some were not even aware that the GDPR existed.

Unfortunately, for all these organisations, the message is now a tough one.

  • If you do business in the UK, or the wider EU, and you keep personal data (anything from IP addresses to bank details), it does affect you
  • The British government hasn’t repealed it and isn’t likely to any day soon (it has one or two more pressing things on its mind)
  • Time is running out. You have to act now. The deadline to have your compliant data protection policies and practices in place is less than a year away (May 2018). If you don’t, you could be running the risk of the enormous penalties (of up €20m) and perhaps the ignominy of being one of the first to fall foul of the new rules

Download our GDPR white paper here.  It will help you be compliant by May next year.

It is imperative, however, you get started now or you could be caught out.


Stilunclea about GDPR  and how it affects  you?

Anyone who has questions about GDPR, or who’s unclear about their readiness for the new rules, can arrange a special GDPR gap analysis assessment with Avatu or signup for an Avatu GDPR webinar or briefing Phone 01296 621121 email:

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