Introduction to digital investigations for police SIOs (senior investigation officers awareness) - 1 day


This course provides a SIO with a high level introduction to digital investigation.

It will present the SIO with considerations and options which he/she can then take back to the work place and action effectively.

The course teaches the SIO to apply an investigative mindset to the digital opportunities available today.

Technology is constantly evolving and the opportunities for the SIO are evolving too.

This one day training session sets out to demystify and dispel some of the urban myths around technology, and provide the SIO with clear uncomplicated options which can then be considered and actioned within the work place.

The SIO has a vast array of options to consider with digital investigation, this course will enable the prioritisation and focusing for those options.

Areas covered by this course include (but are not limited to):
  • Effective communications data acquisitions and interpretation
  • Effective and targeted digital strategy and best use of resources
  • Targeted digital forensic submissions strategy
  • Overt and covert data capture techniques and the associated benefits
  • Tasking and effective deployment of the DMI
  • Promoting the mindset to 'think digital'
  • Crime scene considerations and search and seizure policy
  • Digital profiling of individuals, suspects, victims and witnesses
There is also a follow-up two day course for SIOs available in the Avatu Academy. See more information here.

Course Options

The programmes is taught at the Avatu Academy but can also be taught at another suitable venue.

For overseas clients, we will need to make sure country specific data sets have been obtained from the relevant service providers.

If required, the course can also include the introduction of comms data analysis tools and training in their use.

The one-day awareness course is a good introduction to digital forensic investigations for SIOs. Those who want a more in-depth understanding should follow up with the two-day SIO course.  


By the end of the course you can expect to:

  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the opportunities effective digital strategy can provide investigations
  • Identify the who and when with regard to effective use of force resources within the digital work place
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of digital attribution
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the digital crime scene and all associated opportunities

Suitable For

All SIOs, including those working on major crime and those working on volume crime, especially those who want a short introduction to digital forensics.

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