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Technology continues to advance to create a more efficient workforce with the freedom and flexibility to work from multiple devices and operating systems whether personal or corporate. They can communicate, access and share information through email, mobile applications, collaboration tools and cloud services.

In the workplace, this adds to the pressure for human resource professionals, who are expected to help their employers achieve strategic business goals at the same time as maximising legal compliance and minimising associated risks.

Workplace investigations concerning individual employees are one of the greatest challenges for human resources.

There is an expectation that an investigation will be conducted with sensitivity, discretion and in the strictest confidence.

Critical to any investigation is collecting digital evidence, which can be one of the most important first steps in the process. A major challenge is to have forensically identified, obtained and analysed information that can be used as evidence and put through a high level of scrutiny at any future tribunal or criminal proceedings.

If basic investigative standards are not followed, this could result in any evidence obtained being disallowed in a court of law or civil tribunal.

This course supports your business to take a proactive approach towards workplace investigations through the corporate training workshops giving human resource professionals the skills and confidence to carry out a workplace investigation following forensically sound policy and procedure to make sure an efficient and effective conclusion with minimum business disruption, risk and legal costs.

Course Options

This course is a one day initial awareness session and introduction to digital investigation. If more is needed then there are other advanced courses available.

This course can be held at the Avatu Academy or can take place anywhere that’s convenient to you. 


On this course you can expect:

  • Presentations, case studies, scenario based learning, trainer led open floor discussions and Q&A forums
  • To hear how today’s business professionals use technology and how to mitigate associated risks to your business
  • To learn how to protect company data while balancing staff productivity
  • To learn how to formulate an objective investigation strategy that draws upon the opportunities that digital evidence provides, while minimising legal risks and preventing the loss of vital evidence through poor handling of digital devices
  • An overview of digital investigation techniques and tactics, which include the use of open sources, communications data and digital forensics analysis to understand the information that can be obtained from a digital investigation
  • To learn how to conduct an initial investigation to determine the best course of action to a complaint, allegation or suspicion to prevent unnecessary impacts to the business
  • To learn how to take steps to reduce opportunities for insider threats through corporate security

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