Digital investigation co-ordination


This course provides investigators, HR teams and auditors with vital knowledge in the individual disciplines of communications data, digital forensics and open source intelligence, cyber crime and social media. But it goes beyond this to combine these tactics with other disciplines and data sources when formulating a digital strategy.

The course will teach you how to apply an advanced investigative and strategic mind-set in considering and balancing the opportunities and benefits against the restrictions and risks associated with each discipline of digital investigation. 

It will show how they can operate and complement when intelligently cross referenced as part of an investigation strategy.

The course will outline the benefits, and put into operational practice, how having someone with an overview of each element of digital investigation enables a more objective led, cost efficient and successful investigation.

The course is highly interactive and practical and you will carry out hands-on investigations to reinforce the new skills and knowledge you’ve just been taught.

We recommend that, before taking this course, you're already working in an organisation. This way we can make sure that the content of the course and its methodologies are tailored to your exact investigative requirements.

Course Options

The programmes can be taught at the Avatu Academy or at any suitable venue. 

Due to the interactive nature of this course, we will need to discuss beforehand what’s in place and whether any equipment is needed as candidates will need access to multiple devices and the internet. 

We will also discuss if there is any existing digital forensic tools being used by the organisation already and if there’s a need for training on a specific tool or tools.

This course is provided at three levels of complexity:

  • Foundation (five day)
  • Intermediate (10 days)
  • Advanced (15 days) for law enforcement only
  • Deliverables

    By the end of the course you can expect to:

  • Understand and apply your knowledge in the core elements of digital investigation 
  • Have an understanding of emerging and converging technologies and trends and how future developments may impact upon investigative techniques in relation to data acquisition, analysis and presentation
  • Formulate and communicate clear and pragmatic objective led investigation strategies
  • Understand the multiple opportunities and techniques that a digital investigator serves and draws information from
  • Develop knowledge of different types of emerging and converging technologies and their associated data sets
  • Demonstrate how cross referencing multiple data sets can be used as evidence to show corroboration, correlation, common purpose, chronology, similar fact evidence, presence etc
  • Have a strong understanding of investigative processes and how to prepare cases, disclosure and evidence
  • Demonstrate an understanding of attribution of devices and data and how critical they are in evidence
  • Suitable For

    HR teams, police (and other investigators) and auditors, or anyone else who needs to safely and lawfully gather information or evidence from the internet and co-ordinate enquiries and investigations.

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