Advanced Flasherbox and Bootloader Forensics with Teel Technologies


This course will give good, hands-on experience of how to deal with flasher boxes and boot loader utilities to unlock and access mobile device memory. It also provides investigators with the tools to take back to the lab and use in the future.

Course Options

This course is only available to people working in law enforcement or people who provide services to law enforcement organisations. Contact us on 01296 621121 for more information.


  • In the flasher box portion of the course, students will gain an overview of today’s best Flasher Box tools for the lower-cost devices, and install and use them to image devices. The TeelTech Flasher selection of today’s most useful boxes will be supplied for students to install and image devices, and a complimentary collection of boxes will be provided to the students to take home with them after class
  • In the bootloader part of the course,  students learn how bootloaders are applied to access device partitions for unlock or bypass lock purposes. Lessons in using ADB Commands, identifying whether a phone has a FRP lock and how to bypass it, and use CWM and TWRP to unlock a device, access memory and image the device

Students will perform a variety of practical exercises using both the take-home boxes, as well as the Octoplus Box. For this reason, we request students bring their own computers, so as to get a better understanding of the often challenging installation procedures of the boxes.

Students receive the TeelTech Flasher and Unlock Kit with this course.

The kit consists of:

  • Furious Gold Dongle (with all packs activated)
  • XTC clip with the Y cable
  • NCK Dongle

Download full terms and conditions here.

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