Will we already know if we've been hacked?

No, not necessarily. Advanced cyber or insider threats can sit on a device or network for a very long time before anyone realises they are there (as Sony, for example, found out). A study by HP, in partnership with a cyber security think tank and research centre, revealed that, on average, a threat lies undiscovered for some 170 days. The risk is, however, the longer a threat is on a system the more damage it can do. Sony are good examples of this. The hackers may well have had access for almost a year, without anyone realising it. This is the reason we recommend that detection, rather than prevention, is the cornerstone of a cyber security and IT security strategy today. It can cut down the time a threat is within the perimeter from months to minutes. It's risk management at its best. A threat has minutes to do damage instead of many months of reeking havoc.


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