Mercure - revealing the answers that are not seen, until the information is seen together

In the 21st century, mobile phones are central to many investigations. Technology helps investigators find the answers through methodical, detailed analysis and careful plotting.

Mercure makes big data manageable and pulls all the pieces create the big picture.

Ockham Solutions developed this innovative mobile data analysis software to enable investigators to build a comprehensive picture of events and activities.

With more than 4,000 users throughout France, Ockham Solutions has now expanded to offer their software in the UK by working with us at Avatu. The software pulls together all the pieces of the investigation jigsaw collected from multiple sources relating to the mobile phones of suspects. Extracting data from phones and SIM cards is the easy part.

Ockham Mercure technologies

MercureV3 can efficiently handle and analyse data from most European CSPs obtained through legal proceedings by law enforcement agencies, including call data records and cell site dumps. In addition, it processes GPS tracking data to determine where the phone has been and creates common number analysis across any number of phones. 

The processing and analysis of potentially huge amounts of data is presented in a number of easy to understand graphical formats showing: call frequencies, timelines, SIM card history, geographical data for sent and received calls etc.


It helps reveal the answers that are not seen - until they’re seen altogether.

Ockham Solutions' technologies provide valuable insight to an investigation, saving hours of investigator time helping you solve crimes and make discoveries quicker than before.

The Ockham Solutions analytical software for phone data we recommend includes:

  • Mercure V3, which is the most ground breaking product in the Ockham Solutions stable. It provides multi-dimensional analysis through GPS and other information found on or connected to a mobile phone.

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