Damballa - gain real cyber protection by accepting a breach will happen

Damballa is made up of data scientists, researchers and seasoned industry professionals who know it’s impossible to give anyone a 100% cyber threat protection guarantee. You simply can’t stop something you don’t know even exists. So. Damballa do it differently. They concentrate on discovering active threats that bypass security prevention layers. They focus on dealing with the threats that get through, and reducing the damage they can do.

They identify malicious network traffic in real time, quickly pinpointing compromised devices that are a high risk to the business.

The highly specialised Damballa automated breach defence system detects and stops advanced threat activity on any device, closing the gap between failed prevention and incident response.

Damballa ends data theft, minimises business disruption, and reduces the time needed to put things right.

When there’s no way of protecting yourself from everything, you have to have a plan to take action if the worst happens.

Have a look at the Damballa solution here or call us now on 01296 621121 to find out how to introduce the protection, already adopted by so many other astute businesses, to your business.

Damballa technologies

The technology behind Damballa pulls together a myriad of sources from big data to individual hacker intelligence, creating some of the most sophisticated threat protection products on the market.

This includes their flagship products:

  • Damballa Failsafe for Enterprise, which is the only security system that automates discovery of your organisation’s highest-risk devices. It allows you to detect, respond and recover quickly
  • Damballa CSP for service providers gives firms communication based detection and the best opportunity for threat detection in a service provider’s network

Businesses all around the world are already using Damballa to stay one step ahead; protecting their data, their business and their reputation.

Call us on 01296 621121 to discuss how you can join them.

Find out more - download Damballa resources now

In our resources section, we have extra information, intelligence and insight to help you understand more about Damballa, the current cyber threat landscape and Damballa’s unique solution.

These include:

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